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Mowing your lawn is more then cranking up the old lawn mower and pushing it around the yard.

Did you know that if you cut your lawn too short or too long you can seriously effect the look and health of your lawn?

Did you know that if your lawn is mowed at it's optimal height it will also become a natural weed controller?

We have our mowers set at the proper height to achieve the optimal cut of your lawn. By cutting your lawn at its optimal height we will encourage: deep roots, lush green colors, and reduce the amount of water used to keep your lawn healthy.

We will mow your lawn once a week during the heavy growth seasons and cut back to once every 2 weeks during the more dormant time of year. Our mowing service includes mulching of your lawn clippings for the overall health of your lawn however we do understand that there are some people who would rather we remove the clippings. If you would rather we remove your clippings please let us know when we come out to your home to give your a quote.

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