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Ozone The Natural Purifier

 Ozone has been used since time began to purify the air we breathe. Advancing technology has enabled  us to harness this natural  purification Processes for treatment of water and air.

Ozone is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant. The really good news is that there are no harmful chemical residues left behind!

Even the worst smoke damage can be completely eliminated with the use of ozone. This makes ozone the perfect solution to cleaning and restoration.


Understanding Ozone


What is Ozone?

Ozone kills by attacking  the cell wall of the offending source. Ozone is a powerful sterilizing agent that has the ability to destroy; bacteria, viruses, spores, odors and more.

Ozone occurs in nature, as a result of lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms. The fresh, clean, spring rain smell that we notice after a thunder storm results from natures creation of ozone. This natural purifying process is what makes everything smell fresh and clean.  

Is Ozone Safe?

YES! At low levels ozone is safe to humans and animals. At very high concentrations ozone can be harmful: however, there has never been a death attributed to the use of ozone unlike chemical cleaners.


How Does Ozone Destroy

Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, and Odors?


When lightning rips through the air, the naturally occurring high voltage electrical charge disassociates the oxygen atoms (O2), causing the production of ozone.

This single molecule will immediately begin looking for a place to attach itself. Most often it will combine with bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores, etc. in a  process called oxidation. Many odors are caused by bacteria. When these bacteria are “burnt up” in the oxidation process, odors are eliminated at their source.

Once ozone has performed its purifying tasks, it then reverts to its original state of pure oxygen.

Unlike Chemical cleaners, which leave behind harmful chemical residues and their own strong and often overpowering odors, ozone leaves behind no harmful residue or odor.

Ozone is 100% Chemical Free

We strive to provide the most highly effective method for eliminating odors from any area. We can completely eliminate any odor from any car in  hours with no mess for you to clean up. We can completely eliminate any odor from any home over night. You never miss a beat or a potential client who wants to see your car or home. 

For the past several years we have been light years ahead of the competition. With our patented method of producing Ozone we are able to produce 8 to 10 times more ozone than any other company. We leave your car or home completely odor free and sanitized In hours not days.



Shock Treatments Eliminate:

Areas to Shock

 Smoke and cigarette odor 


Pet and animal odor Motor Homes

Household odor

Chemical odor Warehouses
Mildew odor Any other place with an unpleasant odor
And more  




“I have used O3Zone Clean for over a year and couldn’t be happier with their service & their   product. For the money you can’t go wrong.”

                                                     Greg Newby

                                         General Manager

                                         Newby Buick


“We have used O3Zone Clean Exclusively for the past year for several reasons that are crucial to our line of business; response time, closure time,    quality of work, and most important, the work is guaranteed.”

Ken Sargent

Maintenance Manager/Inspector

Preferred Property Management


“I have dealt with allergies my whole life. Now, thanks to O3Zone Cleans Monthly Maintenance Program I enjoy life with dramatically fewer      allergies and I have been sleeping like a baby.”

Heather Osness


“Ozone works fantastic! Our Cars have never smelled better. Thanks O3Zone Clean!”

The Auto Store, Inc.



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